We do not accept returns and don’t permit refunds of items once order is confirmed online. Only in the case of production faults or damages, items maybe returned within 7 days of receipt of shipment where we will replace the item or provide an alternative; please contact info@trend-hub.com for more details. In this case, if you are returning an item because of an error on our part or because of production faults or damages, we will refund the delivery charges incurred in sending the items back to us. We take photos of all items dispatched and will check any items returned to us due to production faults or damages. In case we find no faults or damages; we reserve the right to recover any fees and expenses from you including but not limited to item costs, redelivery, customs, shipping costs and recharge you accordingly.All shipments must be signed for upon receipt by you. When received, please check the shipment you have ordered to ensure it is delivered in good condition and in case shipment is not in perfect condition please do not accept receipt and it will be sent back to original place of shipping / departure. If a shipment is subsequently found to be damaged after you have signed for it and confirmed receipt in good condition; we may assume that the damage has been caused after delivery and we will not accept any returns ore refunds.


For items you have purchased which are not special orders, custom orders, limited editions or collectors’ items (as categorized and defined in our website); if you are unhappy with items you have purchased, you can return it to us unopened in its original condition and packaging within a maximum period extended from date of order purchase and confirmation online up to 2 days of receipt of shipment. Please note that we are unable to offer cash back or credit card or pay pal refunds; instead a coupon with same amount, excluding any shipping charges paid by the customer for shipment, return to TREND HUB, costs related to returns such as redelivery, customs and clearance is issued for future use within 6 months from date of coupon issuance, please contact info@trend-hub.com for more details. Import Charges & Customs Clearance You are considered the importer of our items and hence we advise you to clarify and confirm local rules and regulations in country or location to which you have requested shipment in order to be aware of any additional costs, charges, local customs, taxes or time to clear shipments. According to rules and laws in country or location to which you have requested shipment; items you have ordered may be subject to other charges such as import duties and taxes, customs clearance or any other, which are levied once the package reaches that specified location. Any such charges or additional costs are beyond our control and must be borne by you. Due to local rules and regulations in country or location to which you have requested shipment or authorities in our shipping location; items dispatched to you may be subject to inspection or maybe opened by customs and authorities which is beyond our control.